190 Pixels is a premier and most sought after Post Production studio and Creative Agency based in IT capital Bangalore, India.We were among the early companies in India that understood Post Production business having great potential in global market and we have wisely invested both in infrastructure and human resource to deliver the top-notch work and services competing in global standards.Serving global clients 24/7 over a decade we at 190 Pixels guarantee you High-Quality images, Quick turnaround and budget friendly Price.


High-Quality images as per your standards


Skilled Team and cutting edge technology


Capacity to process 2000 images in 24 hours


Best price to suit your

24x7 Support

12-24 hours Turnaround time


Flexible and Flat pricing on bulk orders


Rigorous Quality check

Client Support

Round the clock client support

Our works


I have been utilising the Photo retouching services of Lavina and her talented team at 190 pixels for the past 2 years. We have also used a number of other post-processing suppliers who lack the prompt communication skills and dedicated delivery, we expect as part of our day to day and many late night hours in between. They offer awesome value!

With very little profit margins in our industry – our company needs an affordable option without compromising on quality.

For us the team at 190pixels deliver the best value for money and would recommend them to any progressive photographer.



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